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We Welcome Our Providers to Be a Part of Something Big Always right next door, no matter where you are…

With a network spanning more than 5,000 square miles, thousands of providers and over 120,000 members, we are part of one of Southern California’s largest managed health networks. In spite of our size, we remain rooted in close community and operate upon the simple, traditional principles of knowing our customer, and providing respectful, personal, quality care.

Regal Medical Group strives to operate beyond the boundaries of the traditional Independent Physician Association, taking a more active role to improve the practices of our partner physicians, and to better the lives of our members.

Is Regal the right choice for your practice and your patients? Click here to learn more about how Regal can help to bring the gift of vitality to your practice.

Vitality for All

As a Regal Physician, we know you share our dedication for bringing the gift of vitality to each member under our care. If you have patients who require a higher level of involved care and focused attention to achieve their best potential vitality, you don’t have to go it alone. If you are concentrating a bulk of your time and energy coordinating care for particular patients, or if it is a challenge to bring their condition under control, you should consider referring them to our Vital Care Program. Click here to submit a referral or learn more about Vital Care.