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Whether you are just starting to think about your career path, or you are an experienced professional looking for your next growth opportunity, you can find a home within the Regal Medical Group family. Join us, and experience the satisfaction that comes from knowing that your job well done makes a true difference in the welfare and health of our members.

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Health Educator


The Health Educator (South, Orange) is responsible for developing and conducting a robust calendar of activities to promote: the adaption of healthy behaviors, the appropriate use of the health care system and RAL providers.

1. Designs and executes market/population specific and culturally sensitive health education activities including community–based classes, health and resource fairs, screenings, and demonstrations, etc.

2. Collaborates with community agencies to coordinate, advise and advance health education programs that promote RAL providers.

3. Provides monthly schedule of classes and activities to Director, three months ahead on the 1st of each month for inclusion on mailings and flyers.

4. Develops and disseminates curricula and materials that encourage health decisions and promote the organization.

5. Identifies opportunities and develop processes for integrating health education into other organizational areas – Quality, beneficiary engagement, case/disease management, marketing, etc.

6. Defines, develops, and implements measures for evaluating interventions/health education activities.

7. Synthesizes data and prepares monthly activity report for supervisor.

8. Ensures compliance with regulatory agencies as required.
9. Performs other duties as assigned by supervisor.
1. Listens and communicates effectively with empathy and courtesy with beneficiaries/members, volunteers and other community members as well as co-workers and external contacts.

2. Demonstrates clarity and accuracy in written communications.

3. Assumes responsibility for the accomplishment of department goals and objectives;

4. Adheres to established work schedules and practices effective time management.

1. Must be in good health.

2. Must be physically mobile and able to communicate verbally and electronically.

3. Must be physically able to work with personal computer (and mouse) multiple hours daily.

4. Weekly travel within service area.


1. Masters degree in health education/promotion or related field from accredited institution.
2. Certificate of Health Education Specialist (CHES) required.
3. Bi-lingual (Vietnamese or Chinese) required.
4. Three to five years prior experience in community or healthcare setting.
5. Experience developing and implementing health education strategies specifically for older adults and underserved populations.
6. Computer proficiency in use of Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Internet.
7. Must have California driver’s license, use own vehicle for business related travel and be responsible for all liability on vehicle.



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