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Whether you are just starting to think about your career path, or you are an experienced professional looking for your next growth opportunity, you can find a home within the Regal Medical Group family. Join us, and experience the satisfaction that comes from knowing that your job well done makes a true difference in the welfare and health of our members.

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HCC Quality Physician Trainer

Responsible for coordination and management of all projects related to the HCC & Quality Measures. Interaction/interface with providers and staff. Training and maintaining up to date program requirements.
1. Coordinate all activities for HCC & quality initiatives.
2. Prioritize, distribute, track, and develop action plans to ensure timely completion of special projects.
3. Work with the physicians as applicable to meeting HCC & quality measures.
4. Be sure to adequately train and manage providers related to keeping them current with the necessary tools to practice within the guidelines of our programs.
5. Train and educate provider offices (physicians & staff) how to follow-up and follow-through with completed patient visits, documentation, on the Health Risk Assessments.
6. Communicate closely to maintain professional relations throughout this process.
7. Work directly with the HCC & Quality team to meet specified goals as determined by the company.
8. Provide on-going meetings and education sessions.
9. Work to develop and manage a project plan.
10. Develop departmental and individual goals.
11. Perform other related duties as assigned or requested.

5+ years in the managed healthcare industry. Physician relations experience. BS/BA desired, but not required. Ability to manage several projects at once.

Several Positions Available.



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