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Compliance Training

2020 Mandated Compliance Training Modules (5)
Click the above link to access the following trainings:

  • Compliance/Codes of Conduct
  • Fraud, Waste, and Abuse
  • HIPAA Privacy & Security
  • Model of Care
  • Cultural & Linguistic


  1. Click Link above or go directly to:
  2. Click the “Register” tab in the right-hand corner; 
    Complete the registration information including the following information:
    1. Registration Name = Full Name_FDR Name_Company ID (Company ID will be from the respective HPN Affiliated Groups, Example: John Smith_UCLA_RMG)

      Company ID

      Company Name


      Affiliated Doctors Of Orange County


      Greater Covina Medical Group


      Lakeside Medical Group


      Regal Medical Group


      United Care Medical Group

    2. Insert Password  = “quality
  3. A registration verification will be sent to the user’s email account;
  4. Click the “Activate Account” button within the email;
  5. Login using the user information created during registration;
  6. Unclick the “I am an HPN Employee and Affiliated Groups’ Employee” checkbox;
  7. Upon completion of all 5 Compliance training modules, the training attestation will be emailed to user;
  8. The system will maintain a copy of the registrants completed certifications for our records.

Other Trainings