Tips to Avoid Toy-Related Eye Injuries

Tips to Avoid Toy-Related Eye Injuries

Regal Medical Group and the American Academy of Ophthalmology urge the public to shop with an eye on safety

NORTHRIDGE, CA (December 3, 2018)– With the holiday shopping season in full swing, Regal Medical Group joins the American Academy of Ophthalmology to remind the public of important safety guidelines when choosing gifts for little ones in their lives. Recent studies have shown that some popular toy types are commonly associated with childhood eye injuries, including air guns and other toys that shoot projectiles, high-powered lasers, and sports equipment. Regal and The Academy encourage parents to follow these tips when gifting toys to children this holiday season.

  1. Beware of airsoft, BB guns, and other projectile toys. Every year, ophthalmologists treat thousands of patients with devastating eye injuries caused by seemingly safe toys. Avoid items with sharp, protruding, or projectile parts that can easily propel into the eye’s sensitive tissue.


  1. Never allow children to play with high-powered laser pointers.  Many recent reports in the United States and internationally show that children have sustained serious eye injuries by playing with high-powered lasers (between 1500 and 6000?milliwatts). These lasers have potential to cause severe retinal damage with just seconds of laser exposure to the eye. The FDA advises the public to never shine a laser pointer at anyone and to not buy laser pointers for children.
  2. Read age recommendation labels. To select gifts appropriate for a child's age, look for and follow the age recommendations and instructions about proper assembly, use, and supervision.


  1. Know what to do (and what not to). If someone you know experiences an eye injury, seek immediate medical attention. As you wait for medical help, make sure to never to touch, rub, apply pressure, or try to remove any object stuck in the eye.

“When the spirit of the holidays is in full swing, we can forget how easily kids can get injured when playing with certain toys,” says Jane C. Edmond, M.D., a clinical spokesperson for the American Academy of Ophthalmology. “We hope people will take steps to shop and play responsibly this year. Following these tips can help make sure our little ones have healthy vision for many holiday seasons to come.”

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